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Some people, no matter how much evidence you present to them, will not accept any possibility that ghosts/spirits do or might exist. They make it their mission to go out and criticize our work and efforts. Kind of a "I'm right and you're wrong" attitude that they are trying to prove, since they seem that we're trying to "prove" to them that ghosts exist. We don't know for 100% certainty that ghosts exist, but enough evidence has been gathered to move beyond the "coincidence" that ghostly phenomena just happens by itself, to the "probability" stage, of where something else, perhaps a ghost/spirit, is causing things to happen in patterns.

Marion Virginia Paranormal Investigations (MVPI) consists of a team of dedicated investigators. We conduct investigations in the southwest Virginia, northeast Tennessee, northern North Carolina and southern West Virginia and Kentucky areas.
We take what we do seriously, and are here to assist people who are experiencing paranormal activity.
When we are invited into your home or place of business for the purpose of an investigation you can expect to meet a professional team who will respect both your property and your privacy. We will document and analyze all evidence obtained during your investigation and attempt to determine the true nature of the activity. Please understand, there are no experts in this field. MVPI believes that through scientific research we can achieve a better understanding of paranormal activity.

MVPI is a self-funded group, and therefore we never charge a fee or ask for donations.

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